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On the User Management page, you can create and edit accounts for managers that work with your Affise Admin panel. Moreover, you can also grant access to your managers only to a specific type of data or prohibit to view some particular sections.

User Management section overview

You can find the 'User Management' section right in your Admin panel -> 'User' section -> 'User Management':

Users section includes three sub-sections:

  • User Management

On the User Management page, you can create and edit accounts for managers that work with your Affise Admin panel.

  • User Activity log

On the User Activity log page, you can check the logs for different user actions that have been done within your Affise Admin panel. In the User Activity log, you can group data according to date, user, offer, type, and object ID.

  • Permissions Presets

On the User Presets page, you can create, edit, and delete presets that are used in the user's account creation process.

❗ Only the General manager has access to this section.

User Management section usage

Below you’ll find a description of the User Management section and how it can be used.

The Control Panel

  1. Search - enter the data to search for the user(-s). For example, enter the email, name, surname, IM/Skype.

  2. Create user button - use this button to create a new User in your Admin panel.

❗ Find out more about How to Create New User here, and How to Grant Specific Permissions to the General Manager here, to the Affiliate Manager here, and the Account Manager here.

Users table

Here you can find a table with Users.

The table consists of 5 columns:

  1. Name- User’s first and last name.

  2. Roles - User type (role) and access to sections.

  3. Email - User’s email address.

  4. IM/Skype - User’s IM/Skype details.

  5. Last login - Displays the date and time of the User’s last login.

User's profile

Here you can view your profile or profiles of other users as well as edit them.

❗ You should have the relevant permissions in order to view/edit other users. Here you can find out more about permissions for the General manager, the Affiliate manager and the Account manager.

You can edit all the fields, including the logo and the user type.

If you're the very first user, you can't change your email. If you want to change it, refer to your Affise account manager.

If you want to change your API key or the API key of another user, you need to click the following icon:

Then you see the window. Click Yes to change the API key.

'Show in list' option

'Show in list' option created for those cases when you are lost in the list of users and you need to return to the selected user. Just click the 'Focus' button and you will automatically return to the selected user:

Default Permissions Matrix

All default user permissions are described below (those that are assigned by the system when creating the user).

❗When you change the type of user, user permissions also change to the default ones of the user type you select.

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If you have more questions on the User Management section, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via [email protected] or your Dedicated Account Manager.

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