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Events report work

Events report is a pivot table: a flexible feature that allows you to aggregate data according to several categories of information at once. It serves for creating high-performing campaigns and getting deeper insights on a sales through the analysis of achieved goals.

How to use it

In the Events slice of Statistics, you are able to create reports on goal values grouped by different criteria.

To create the report, do the following:

  1. Apply all mandatory filters:

    • Period

    • Timezone

    • Offers

    • Based on

    In the Based on filter, you can select Offer, Custom Fields, and Sub-accounts.

  2. Optional. Apply the additional filters:

    • Countries

    • Status

    • Goal

    • Smartlinks

  3. Click Apply.

The report might look like that:

1: the data according to the criterion you choose in the Based on filter (e.g. Offer, Custom Field 1, Sub1, etc.).

2: this data shows how many conversions the system registered and how many payouts an Affiliate got in certain events.

❗If there is no title for the goal value assigned for the conversion, you will see ‘Undefined’ as a title.

  • QTY: the number of conversions on a particular goal.

  • Payouts: the payouts on this goal.

3: the total information about all events:

  • Total QTY: the quantity of all conversions.

  • Total NULL: the null conversion’s quantity.

  • Total Payouts: total conversion’s payouts.

In the above mentioned example, you see the data, grouped by Custom field 1, that shows how many conversions the system registered and how much revenue each event generated.

You can also use the Export option to export statistics to the .CSV file.

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If you have more questions on the Events, feel free to contact your Affiliate manager via the Tickets in the Support section.

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