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Importance of GEO and UA

Targeting settings can be crucial for the success of many campaigns. Advertisers might want their ads to be intended only for the specific regions or devices. For this purpose, Affise offer settings allow you to set up targeting, where you can choose countries, cities, and devices to limit your traffic.

In Affise, conversions are based on clicks or impressions. This means that GEO and user agent (UA) values for an impression or click are the same for the correspondent conversions.

Click/conversion GEO

Affise integrates with the Digital Element solution to effectively define click/ conversion GEO based on IP address.

IP, country, and city assigned to a click can be checked in the Detailed statistics on clicks.

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Also, IP and GEO are displayed in Conversions slice of Statistics.


❗️You can use the &ip parameter in a Postback link to get a certain conversion IP address. Received IP can differ from an IP of a click which a conversion is based on. In this case, GEO is not affected: you see different IP addresses for a click and conversion in the statistics, but the country and city are the same.

GEO discrepancy

Mind that in some rare cases, which is normal, GEOs can differ from platform to platform and be inaccurate if:

  • Partner’s tracking platform uses a database different from Affise one.

  • Partner’s tracking platform uses a different version of Digital element database.

  • Partner’s tracking platform database has a different update frequency from Affise one.

❗️Affise doesn't attribute a click to the real end-user's location if they have VPN or proxy installed. In this case, GEO is defined according to VPN or proxy address.

If GEO is not detected in a click, most probably the IP address in question is a private IP. Private IP means a local address that is intended for internal use in contrast to public IP. Private IPs can't be seen online, that's why they are not tracked.

Click/conversion UA

Affise integrates with 51degrees database to define click/conversion UA.

After UA is defined, you can check it in the Detailed statistics on clicks.

2022-04-22 (2)

Also, UA is displayed in the Conversions slice of Statistics.

2022-04-22 (1)

In rare cases, UA can be unknown. The reason for this is a new UA which is not updated in the database yet. A new user agent can appear because of a new device, device version, etc.

If a new UA is already in the 51degress database, it will be delivered to Affise within 24 hours. It means that if after 24 hours a new click with the previously unknown UA comes to Affise, you will see the UA in the statistics for this new click.

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If you have any further doubts or questions regarding GEO and UA, feel free to contact the Support Team via [email protected].

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