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General integration

Swaarm Tracking URL

The integration process starts with Swaarm Tracking URL. You need to add Affise {clickid} macro and Swaarm &pub_click_id parameter to the Swaarm Tracking URL.

Put updated Tracking URL into the Tracking URL field on the Offer edit page. Just go to the Offers section > Offer edit page > Tracking tab > Tracking URL field:

Tracking URL example:


The full list of the Swaarm parameters for the Tracking URL you can find here.

In case you want to receive some additional information, you also may add some macros to the Tracking URL. The full list of the Affise macros for the Tracking URL is here.

Affise Postback URL

Next, you need it to add your Postback URL to get information about conversions from Swaarm. Your Postback URL should contain &clickid parameter with

#{click.publisher.clickId} macro.

You can set your postback in the Offers section > Offer edit page > Postbacks tab > Integration pixels field > S2S (Postback):

Affise Postback URL example:


The full list of the Swaarm macros for the Postback URL you can find here.

The full list of the Affise parameters for the Postback URL is here.

Probabilistic Attribution

To receive and attribute postbacks, changes are required in tracking links and the postback links in case of Probabilistic Attribution (read more about it here).

Tracking links

For tracking links, the &ext_offer_id and &ext_publisher_id parameters are required for offers for which clickid attribution is not possible. The &ext_offer_id parameter is supposed to hold the id of the publisher's offer. For &ext_publisher_id this is supposed to hold the Affise partner's publisher id.

Tracking URL example:


Postback links

You should pass the information in the click back in the postbacks. You can do this by using the {ext.offerId} and {ext.publisherId} macros. To ensure that no duplicate counting occurs, you should also send the postback id using the {id} macro.

Affise Postback URL example:


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If you have more questions on the Affise <-> Swaarm Integration, feel free to contact the Swaarm Support Team via the Swaarm Help center or Affise Support Team via [email protected].

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