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Cross-postback URL is a link used to send conversion info to any third-party place. A third party provides this link with necessary parameters, and you are to update it with available Affise macros listed here.

Cross-postback URL macros

{clickid} or {click_id}

Click ID


Affiliate ID




Country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)

{sub1} - {sub8}

SubId1 - SubId8


Device User Agent


Offer ID


Unique number (UUID format, eg: 9cdf32d5-124e-4e06-b25b-4c92d3cec9dc)


Time of click committing in UNIX format




Time of click committing in h:i:s format


Date of click committing in format y-m-d


Company name of the affiliate


ID of the advertiser


Offer title


Click referrer


Promo code


Facebook click ID


User Agent of user browser


Additional macro


Additional macro

{ext1} - {ext3}

Additional macros


Conversion identifier of the advertiser


Date and time of conversion committing in format Y-m-d H:i:s


Date and time of click committing in format Y-m-d H:i:s


Offer identifier in the system


Conversion status, available values:

1 – conversion is "Approved"

2 – conversion is "Pending"

3 – conversion is "Declined"


Conversion payout







{custom_field1} - {custom_field7} or

{custom_field_1} - {custom_field_7}

Additional macros


OS Family


Unix timestamp of conversion creation in UTC time

If you want to send the data received from SKAd Network, use the macros below in addition to the regular macros:


*The version of the SKAdNetwork API. The latest is 2.2


*Your ID in SKAdNetwork if you're a direct Advertiser or ID of your Advertiser, who uses SKAdNetwork


*The campaign ID you've set up on the SKAdNetwork edit page in Affise. This ID contains affiliate ID and sub2 value


*The ID of the conversion (unique for each conversion regardless of anything)


*The ID of the application that should exist in the offer in Affise


*Your personal/your Advertiser's Public key that should exist in SKAdNetwork profile in Affise


*A flag that indicates the end-user redownloaded and reinstalled the application


*The ID of the application in App Store, which contains an advertisement


*Indicates whether the install was generated via an impression or a click


*The goal value


The complete SKAdNetwork payload json (url-encoded)

* all macros except {skad_payload} are mandatory.

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