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Impressions link or pixel are used to get impression info from an affiliate. To get different kinds of data, update your link or pixel with parameters listed below.

Impressions link/pixel parameters


Parameters for all kinds of information

Impressions Destination URL is a link used to pass impression info to an advertiser. To set it up correctly, update this link with macros listed below. Before this, an advertiser should add the necessary parameters to the link.

Impressions Destination URL macros


Offer ID*


Affiliate ID*


Device User Agent




Impression ID


Affise Impression ID

{sub1} - {sub8}

Sub ID #1 - Sub ID #8

*mandatory macros for probabilistic attribution

Impression ID is an external value to define impression passed by your affiliate. Affise Impression ID is a unique value ascribed to an impression by the Affise system.

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