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Events report work

For verticals like Gambling, E-commerce, Education it's can be extremely useful to analyze user’s performance in addition to the performance of affiliates.

Events report is a pivot table: a flexible feature that allows you to aggregate data according to several categories of information at once. It serves for creating high-performing campaigns and getting a full picture of your audience’s behavior within your product or service. It also helps get deeper insights on a sales through the analysis of achieved goals.

Events report can help you understand which users bring more income than the others, which users leave right after registration, etc.

⚠️ The Events report is available only for certain plans. Contact your Affise account manager to get the feature.

Events report overview

Events report is located here: Statistics > Events.

You can view the following information:

1: general filters by using which you can specify the data you want to see statistics for:

  • Offer - in this filter, you can select the offer you want to get statistics for.

  • Advertiser - this filter serves for specifying the advertiser you want to see statistics for.

  • Based on - the filter according to which the system will group the data and create the report (Advertiser, Offer, Affiliate, sub-accounts or custom fields).

  • Period - the filter for specifying the time period you want to see statistics for.

  • Timezone - the filter in which you can specify the timezone you want to get statistics for.

2: the Add filters button, which you can use to set additional filters.

3: the data according to the criterion you choose in the Based on filter (e.g., Offer, Custom Field 1, Sub1, etc.).

4: this data shows how many conversions the system registered in certain events, and how much revenue each event generated.

❗If there is no title for the goal value assigned for the conversion, you see ‘Undefined’ as a title.

  • QTY: the number of conversions on a particular goal.

  • Revenue: the revenue on this goal.

5: the total information about all events:

  • Total QTY: the quantity of all conversions.

  • Total NULL: the null conversion’s quantity.

  • Total Revenue: total conversion's revenue.

  • Total Payouts: total conversion’s payouts.

  • Total Earnings: total conversion’s earnings.

How to use it

To work with the Events report, you need to get Read access for Events stats in the Users section > User Management > A particular user:

  1. Go to Statistics > Events.

  2. Apply all mandatory filters.

    a. In the Choose Offer and Choose Advertiser filter, select the offer/-s or advertiser/-s you want to create a report for.

    ❗ Select at least one advertiser or offer to view the statistics. If you specify neither the offer nor the advertiser, the system disables the other filters.

    b. In the Based on filter, select the criterion based on which the system will group the data and create the report (Advertiser, Offer, Affiliate, Sub-accounts or Custom fields).

  3. Optional. Apply additional filters.

    The report might look like that:

In this example, you see the data, grouped by Custom field 1, that shows how many conversions the system registered and how much revenue each event (i.e. goals) generated: Install, Registration, Deposits, Win, etc.

You can also use the Get link option if you do not want to grant access to the partner into your Admin Panel, and the Export option to export statistics to the .CSV file.

Events statistics in Affiliate panel

Affiliates can view Events statistics in the Affiliate panel.

If you don't want to share some specific data with them, you can disable the Show custom fields at the Events statistics report checkbox. It is responsible for showing custom fields on the Statistics page (Settings > Affiliates > General):

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If you still have questions, feel free to address them to Affise Technical Support Team via [email protected] or contact your Dedicated Account Manager.

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