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An impression is the very first user's interaction with an advertisement. Impression happens when a user sees an ad in the webpage. A click means that a user has clicked an ad to reach the page with entities advertised. This makes a difference between an impression and a click.

In mobile advertising, it is possible to track conversions based on impressions via view-through attribution (VTA). The conversion is generated when someone sees an ad (banner) for the product, and then makes a purchase either by going directly to the advertiser’s website or by doing an organic search separately.

Impressions tracking is a valuable metric that can be used to measure the campaign performance more effectively.

Affise allows tracking impressions on the Offer level by using a pixel (if the webpage to collect impressions belongs to your affiliate) or impressions link (if the webpage to collect impressions belongs to the affiliate of your affiliate).

You need to take the following steps to have a full-cycle impressions tracking:

Impressions tracking flow — ___________ (4_3) - Google Chrome 2022-03-25 at 12.04.28 PM

To have basic impressions tracking, you are to set up integration with your affiliate only. Passing impressions to your advertiser and tracking conversions based on impressions is not obligatory.

Provide your affiliate with Impressions pixel or link

Step 1. Enable impressions tracking by clicking the Allow Impressions checkbox in the Offer settings (Offers section > Offer edit page > Tracking tab):

After impressions are activated, impression pixel is available on the Affiliate panel.

Step 2. a. Affiliates, who have their own webpages to place advertisements, should take impressions pixel (a piece of code) on the Offer page on their Partner panels. Then they implement it into the code of the page where an ad is located:

Screen Recording 2021-12-24 at PM

b. There is another way to track impressions for affiliates, who have no webpage to place advertisements. You should generate the Impressions link on the Offer Preview page in the Admin panel and provide it to your affiliate:

Offer Niki_ Online Recharges, Bill Payments & more - IN - NonIncent - Andro.. 2022-02-16 at 1.24.22 PM

You can update Impressions pixel or link with available parameters to get additional information on impressions.

Impressions pixel example:

<img src="http://rocketcompany.imp2aff.com/imp?aid=1&oid=102&sub1={your_affiliate_macro1}&sub2={your_affiliate_macro2}&sub3={your_affiliate_macro3}" height="1" width="1" alt="">

Impressions link example:


❗Once you set up your link or pixel to get Impression ID from your affiliate, you can further see this value in Affise statistics. At the same time, unique Affise Impression ID is assigned to each impression once it comes to Affise. This Affise Impression ID is stored in the database and can only be seen after you pass it to the advertiser and get it back.

Set up Impressions destination URL from your advertiser

⚠️ The Impressions destination URL feature is available only for certain plans. Contact your Affise account manager to get the feature.

Step 3: Your advertiser should give you the link, which you put to the Impressions Destination URL field in the Offer settings (Offers section > Offer edit page > Tracking tab):

Screen Recording 2021-12-24 at PM

Use Impressions destination URL to pass the number of impressions to your Advertiser. Every time an impression is registered in Affise, it is delivered to an advertiser via this link.

You can also use Additional impressions destination URLs to redistribute traffic among the links. Read more about it here.

To pass additional information on impressions, update the link with Affise macros that can be found under the Show macro info icon. See the macros listed here.

Collect the statistics on impressions

Step 4. Check the information on impressions in Daily, Advertiser, Offers, Affiliates, and other slices of Statistics. Note to select the advertiser, offer, affiliate filters to view Impressions tracking data.

Statistics _ Rocketcompany - Google Chrome 2022-01-13 at 11.42.46 AM

The slices above store only aggregated data, check sub-accounts values in the Custom slice of Statistics. To do this, choose the date, necessary subs, and impressions:

Statistics by your defined slice _ Rocketcompany - Google Chrome 2022-01-13 at 12.23.06 PM

See the Custom statistics that you set up:

Statistics by your defined slice _ Rocketcompany - Google Chrome 2022-01-13 at 12.39.27 PM

❗ Impressions are not tracked (not recorded in Statistics), when:

  • The offer is not active.

  • The affiliate has any other status than active.

  • The affiliate is not enabled for the offer.

  • The affiliate is disabled from the offer.

  • The advertiser is disabled for the affiliate.

  • The offer or affiliate was deleted.

  • The Allow impressions checkbox in the Offer is OFF.

Track conversions based on impressions

⚠️ The View-through attribution feature is available only for certain plans. Contact your Affise account manager to get the feature.

Affise view-through attribution feature allows to get conversions based on impressions which are further paid.

You can set up payments not only for conversions, but for impressions as well. Read here about the CPM type of payment.

Step 5. Once Affise receives an impression from an affiliate, the unique Affise Impression ID is assigned to it. You are to pass this impression ID to the advertiser via the {aimp_id} macro in one of the following links:

  • Advertiser's tracking link

  • Impression destination link

To receive conversions based on impressions, you need to add mandatory parameter &aimp_id= to the Affise postback link and give this link to your advertiser.


Here you can read more about Affise postback URL.

Once the conversion comes, the system matches the impression ID registered in Affise and the impression ID received from the advertiser.

If everything is correct, you get a successful postback in the Server postbacks slice of statistics. In Postback parameters you can see Affise impression ID.

Server postbacks _ Rocketcompany - Google Chrome 2022-04-20 at 7.01.57 PM

Also, check Affise Impression ID value in Conversions slice of Statistics:



1) How do I get Impression ID from the affiliate and pass it to the advertiser?

There are two scenarios to do that:

  1. You receive Impression ID from your affiliate via Impression link or pixel.

    You pass Impression ID to your advertiser via Impression Destination URL using advertiser's parameter and {impression_id} macro.

  2. Within usual S2S tracking you may receive Impression ID from your affiliate via Affise Tracking link using &imp_id parameter.

    You pass Impression ID to your advertiser via Advertiser's tracking link using advertiser's parameter and {impression_id} macro.

2) Is it possible to pass impression ID and click ID via the Impression Destination link to the Advertiser?

Please note that click ID is passed via Tracking URL. All available macros for Impressions destination URL are listed here.

3) Can I update Affise postback link with parameters for both click ID and Affise impression ID?

Yes, you can.

4) How is the uniqueness of conversion defined in case of view-through attribution?

Here you can read, how Affise defines the uniqueness of conversion in case, if it contains the click ID. If the conversion contains the impression ID only, the uniqueness is defined by:

  • the impression ID (instead of the click ID),

  • the offer ID,

  • the goal value.

5) Why do I see Broken impression ID error in the Server postbacks slice of Statistics?

It happens when the impression ID in the postback link doesn't belong to Affise or the value isn't correct. Address your advertiser to check the value.

6) How can I manage impressions via API?

It is possible to manage impressions via API when adding/editing an offer:


You can allow impressions using this parameter: allow_impressions.

You can add Impressions destination URL with the help of this parameter: impressions_url. Don't forget to put the link with HTTP/HTTPS protocol.

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In case of any questions regarding Impressions tracking, contact Affise Support Team via [email protected] or your dedicated Account Manager.

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