12 available Affise hacks to minimize fraud

“Wennerstrom was engaged in fraud on such a scale that it was no longer considered criminal - it was a business.”

Stieg Larsson, writer (“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”)

Stieg Larsson was absolutely right. His words are confirmed by the latest research which was done by Juniper Research: in 2019 advertisers risk losing was around $42 billion from the ad budget to fraudulent activities committed via online, mobile and in-app advertising. The last years’ fraud growth tendency suggests, that this number will only grow up in 2020.

Exactly that’s why we want to share with You our hacks on how You can decrease fraud risks while using Affise as your tracking solution.

Affiliate registration fraud

The first line of defence in the fight against fraud should be formed as part of the validation process of new affiliates registration. At Affise it can be done by following the next easy steps.

1. We recommend to use pre-moderation registration mode for new affiliates rather than public. You can do it in global platform settings

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Pre-moderation mode means that you can allow or disallow requests for registration individually based on the data affiliate provides.

2. Always ask as much information as possible to get clear visibility on affiliate origin, traffic and experience.

Create additional fields which should be filled by new affiliates during the registration process. Most common:

  • Country of location

  • Additional communication channels (Skype, WeChat, WhatsApp, Telegram)

  • Company web site or its group/page at social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn)

  • Traffic types which are commonly used for offers promotion

  • Top Geo’s

  • Names of networks with whom you worked

3. Forbid sign ups from specific IPs

There are GEOs from which affiliates are associated with fraudulent activity. Leave fraudsters without any chance to get into your system by blocking access. To enable this feature please reach your personal Customer Success Manager.

Traffic check

The next important step in building your own anti-fraud defence and minimize ad fraud is connected with traffic and conversions quality check. In Affise we have several great instruments which can help You with it. They are:

1. Minimal click session lifespan (or in other words Minimal Time To Conversion feature). This is a super-useful feature which allows you to prevent fraud conversions which were done in a short time after clicking. It’s obvious that credit can’t be taken for 20 seconds and respectively conversion can’t be fired to the system 20 seconds after the click.

We always recommend to setup Minimal click session lifespan at most common value 20-30 seconds, but the period may differ depending on the offer.

For example, Hearthstone app installation will take up to 1 min time, so conversions coming in 10 sec after clicks most of all are fraudulent.

2. Reject not unique IP - one more commonly used simple feature with great value.

It allows to reject conversions with not unique IP with the comment “IP duplicate”.

This feature defends You from the cases when scammers trying to make fraudlent conversions from the same IP address.

3. Allowed IP - One of the two methods on how to secure your conversions from false generation. Use this one to prevent cases of interventions in pixel/postbacks reception process from advertisers.

This is a type of low-level fraud, when malefactors will try to emulate fake conversions by using global postbacks.

We recommend to ask your advertisers for IPs from which they fire pixel/conversions and put these IPs to the Allowed IPs list.

It can be done in the postback section through offer editing mode.


4. Secure postback code - Second option to protect You from the fake conversions fraud. It works in accordance with the next principle: when the feature is enabled, it generates a secure code, which should be added to the postback/pixel which gonna be installed on the advertiser side.

We recommend using the Advertiser level secure postback code as the most simple and reliable option. It can be enabled in the advertiser profile.

5. Allowed sub accounts values - a great feature which allows You to pass through the system only specific sub-sources values in any of sub1-sub8 parameter or to put specific values in a blacklist, which won't let you send most likely fraud traffic to your advertiser.


6. Click-level Anti-fraud - hot feature with significant benefits on protecting from VPN & Proxy traffic. As it is pre-installed in Affise you can save your costs on additional anti-fraud tools.

We use the top database on the market - Digital Elements.

This is a MUST feature to use! It's available on the Scale and Custom subscription levels.

7. CR and click level automation tools. These tools are designed for automation of traffic quality optimisations, and they help to solve several business tasks:

  • Optimise low CR traffic to avoid spending clicks on non-converting offers

  • Protect your sensitive advertisers from high CR traffic by setting up strict restrictions on affiliate and sub-affiliate level.

  • Keep control on the traffic coming by optimizing CR and clicks volumes (over 30000/second) to avoid huge loads on the system which can lead to missed good traffic opportunities.

This feature is available for Scale and Custom subscription level partners. Definitely let us know if you want to have a test run.

And the part which gives the perfect insights into the traffic origin and quality - building your shield against fraud with reporting check:

1. “Time to action” statistics slice which clearly shows the time between a user’s click and a conversion (action/event) eventually performed for a specific offer or Affiliate and in terms of different offer’s goals and prevent fraud on time!

Make a rule to check this one at least once a day to have transparent information on your affiliates traffic performance:


2. Must check - Conversions report with device user agent and IP columns.

In simple words, the user agent is a string which contains unique characteristics of the device from which conversion was done.

With the help of this report, you can check if there are duplicated user agent and IP addresses.

Such conversions have a high probability of being a fraud.


To sum up:

In case You will use even 50% of mentioned above tools and features, You will be on the right direction of building your own fraud defence system and successfully fight against fraud attacks!Your dedicated Customer Success Manager is always the best person to get information about Affise features that help you to grow.

You can find more details about the features mentioned in the article by clicking the following buttons:

Written by Tanya Grypachevskaya
mail: [email protected]

and by Maksim Krupitsa
Customer Success Team Lead
mail: [email protected]

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