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So, now you have a tool to achieve your goals. You are already familiar with the platform, you know its main sections and settings, and it's time to make 100% use of Affise solution to your business.


In this article, we highlighted 4 blocks from basic settings to third-party services usage. It will help you to begin exploring the full potential of the platform step by step.

25% progress - Basic Features

Let’s start from the standard settings:

  • User management. It is basic functionality for day-to-day usage, which allows you to set flexible rights and access to the platform for your colleagues and team. Well-defined roles ease everyday Platform usage.

  • Custom tracking domain. We always recommend to use own tracking domains, especially for Dating, Gambling, Adult verticals. Just to make sure that you are flexible in splitting traffic between domains and is not dependant on Affise default one.

  • Trafficback URL. You don’t want to lose a single click, do you? So then you should add Affise tracking link or Smartlink on the Local level (in the Offer) and the Global level in your Platform settings. And when you receive a click that doesn’t meet the offer’s targeting, the system will redirect it to the Traffback URL and you will have a chance not to lose your profit and still monetize.

  • Impressions tracking. This feature is helpful when you need to observe and analyze the full user’s path from the ad view to the conversion. Impression tracking can be enabled for a specific offer and then Affiliates are able to use Impression pixel on their side.

  • Caps management - both clicks and leads. Do you have performance limits set bt your Advertiser? Or would you want to limit your affiliates in conversions\clicks amount? Then this feature is a must for you. You can set it per a specific Goal or set the Personal cap for specific Affiliate. And do not forget to activate the Overcap setting - when the cap is reached traffic will be redirected to the Trafficback URL in order not to lose any potential conversion.

50% progress - Traffic management

Moving further let’s check Offer and Statistic sections more precisely:

  • Traffic distribution (LPs rotator). This is a recently released feature that allows you to split your traffic among 2 or more Tracking links. If GEO, Device, Subs, Network requirements of a received click match your targeting group settings this click will go to the Additional tracking link and not the default one. You can also set up the weight of every link and decide which link will receive more clicks. It can be used for A\B testing as an option.

  • Click level antifraud. It is the default and basic setting for Antifaud activity which you already have available! With this checkbox enabled the click will be verified by Top database - Digital Elements and if it is marked as VPN & Proxy traffic click, it is going to be blocked.

  • Minimal click session lifespan is one more preinstalled feature you can use right now to prevent fraudulent activity. With its help, you can set the minimal period of click to conversion time to deliver good quality traffic to your advertiser.

  • Unique IP & rejection non-unique IP. With these 2 tiny checkboxes, you have an opportunity to reject conversions with the comment “IP duplicate” to save your performance from fraudulent leads made from the same IP.

  • Black\whitelist sub-values. This feature allows you to accept traffic from the trusted sources only adding them in the Allowed sub-account section. Also, you may block unwanted and in most cases, fraudulent traffic sources when check “exclude”.

  • Time to action report. Moving to the Statistic section to analyze your performance more precisely we go to the Time to action report to check the exact time between the click and the conversion for the exact Offer or Affiliate.

  • Retention Rate & KPI sections. For those clients who specialize in CPI performance, Affise has statistic sections to analyze their performance with the calculated retention rate. Moreover, it’s possible to check KPI % to evaluate Affiliates’ activity from the side of Goals.

  • Comparison report. This Statistic section allows comparing the variety of data reports inside the Platform. You just need to choose specific Offer / Advertiser / Affiliate and compare the performance from different periods of time.

75% progress - Automation

Every working day consists of tons of actions, and in Affise we try to automate most of them so you may dedicate more of your time to growth and expansion.

  • CR automation. CR Automation is created to automate work with your campaigns based on CR percentage under specific conditions set. To start using this feature you need to set a specific rule(-s) and let CR & sub-accounts optimization tool work to automate your campaigns based on your specific business needs and preferences.

  • Click Automation. There is no need to keep an eye on every campaign clicks amount - this tool will do it for you. The tool blocks affiliates or traffic sources if they reach the specified amount of clicks without a single conversion or the number of conversions is very low.

  • Offer schedule. This feature was created to help our clients to schedule the activity of the campaigns using a special calendar. So if there is an offer that should be active from 2-3 pm, there is no need to edit the offer every day. Simply create the rule needed and that is it.

  • Customized dashboard. With the flexibility of the Custom dashboards, each user of the Platform can create their own hot metrics and follow the day-to-day performance at a single page.

  • Smartlinks. Smartlink is an automated tool that allows your affiliates to get only one link to all the offers. Using the technology of machine learning, it automatically selects the offers by a number of parameters from the offers settings like Country, OS, ISP, DeviceType (mobile / desktop / etc).

  • Smartlink in Trafficback URL. It is the perfect combination not to lose a single click. When setting Smartlink at the global trafficback level, all mistargeting, overcapped clicks will be redirected to the Smartlink and then they would be split among the variety of offers for your profit.

100% progress - Marketplace and CPAPI

Using Marketplace third-party integrations allows you to automate offers delivery into the account and to provide a deep analysis of all the data you have. Such a method opens hidden opportunities for optimization and extra earnings.

  • CPAPI. It is a free tool that would let you save your time, and instead of manual creation of each offer, they will be uploaded from the advertiser platform automatically. All the offer changes will be sync automatically every 20 minutes.

  • Data fusion. The core value of DataFusion is to give Affise clients an option to work with raw data. In some cases when it is very hard to process statistics requests with specific data ( for example offers-affiliates-number of clicks-number of conversions - unique sub 1 value - unique sub 2 value), that may cause statistics crushes and the failure of getting the data needed. To solve this case Data Fusion was created. After all, raw data with all values are transferred, customers can work with this data by using BI tools (or just to store this data any future usage). We have two Partners integrated - Amazon S3 and Google Cloud. Feel free to ask your manager for the details.

  • Marketplace. Affise Marketplace provides our clients with a range of plugins to meet their business needs without leaving the platform. It allows them to work with third-party services to optimize your day-to-day routines and workflow across a range of capabilities: billing, fraud detection, BI event streaming, CR optimization, lead generation and more. In simple words, if Affise does not have some functionality Marketplace provides integration with other technologies that have it.

Check your Settings to be sure that you use all Affise features and possibilities from the list above. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach your Personal CS manager!

Stay Affised ;)

Written by Maria Rudinskaya
Senior Customer Success Manager
mail: [email protected]

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