5 Simple steps to migrate into Affise platform

Usual customer steps during the migration are: moving of the advertisers, affiliates, offers, checking all the integrations, notification of the publishers, adding managers and teaching them how to deal with the new platform.

During your 30 days trial period personal onboarding manager who will help you and be your personal guiding light during this process via chat or calls - everything to make it convenient. Moreover, in this article, you will be able to find all the steps in order to make integration fast and smooth.

1. Prepare your system

Prepare your new instance, in Affise you can easily setup logo in affiliate panel, transfer your custom domains, add your T&C, create registration rules for affiliates in order to make white label and make your instance welcome for new and already existing affiliates.

Also for smooth migrating of your internal processes, you can set a most suitable timezone for statistics checking, add admin panel for them you can also grant access only to a specific type of data or prohibit to view some particular sections.


2. Migrate offers

If your company works as a network you will be interested in our incredibly useful tool - CPAPI (the tool for mass reselling and offers analytics. It serves to export as many offers from your Advertisers as you wish) lets you save the time not only on manual offers movement but also all the further check of its updates. Synchronization makes life much easier.

If you are direct advertiser we have a simple and clear way of adding offers to your instance you can manage flexible settings, that will help you to get the most from it, such as advanced targeting groups, cap system, payouts settings, etc, moreover, onboarding manager will be glad to help with first offers set up (up to 5 offers) absolutely free during your trial period.

OM will help you not only to set everything properly but also to understand the process


3. Migrate affiliates

Affise is glad to provide the fast and easy option of importing of the affiliates and advertisers lists into the platform - If you need to migrate a long list of affiliates or advertisers to Affise, there is no need to do it manually one by one: for this purpose, you can always use our Import tool, which will save your time. Your personal manager will be glad to prepare the file and add all the important information to you into Affise.

Also for your convenience, we have some great options such as sending a welcome email to new affiliates which were added by import.


4. Create and test your new links

For convenient integration checking with your affiliate, Affise prepare for you in-built testing tool. As we value our customer's time there is also an option to send generated link right to the affiliate's email just in one click. And of course, onboarding manager will provide you support with all the tests of integrations with advertisers and affiliates to make their movement fast.


5. Make a global announcement

When all the previous steps complete, it's time to announce to your affiliates that you are ready for more. With the help of our global news system, you can just in a couple of clicks create a global announcement which appears to all of your affiliates in their panel automatically right after you create it.


To sum up:

Following these 5 steps allows you to save time and to speed up the migration process. Also, remember that you have your own dedicated Onboarding Manager in Affise who will happy to help you proceed with such an event and start a great partnership between our companies :)

Stay Affised ;)

Written by Alexey Semennik
Onboarding Guru
mail: [email protected]

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