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⚠️The Advertiser cap feature is available only for certain plans. Contact your Affise account manager to get the feature.

Caps for advertisers

As each advertiser has a certain budget he is ready to spend per day/month/all the period of advertisement, it is convenient to control the budget right here, in Affise. There is an opportunity to set a budget for different periods on the advertiser's level and watch the progress not to miss budget overrun.

Create a new rule

To create a new rule go to the Advertiser section -> Advertisers subsection -> Caps tab, then click Create cap. A window appears:



  • Value: insert the amount of money the advertiser is ready to spend for the selected period of time.

❗ The budget is considered as follows: Total revenue (conversions of all statuses) for all offers, which belong to the advertiser.

  • Timezone: select the time zone according to which the cap will be calculated.

  • Currency: select the currency of the budget. It is possible to choose only active currencies. You can make some currency active in Settings.

  • Timeframe: select the timeframe within which the cap will be calculated. Possible values:

    • daily - it is calculated for 24 hours, its reset occurs at midnight.

    • month - it’s calculated for a calendar month. Even if the cap is set up on 15.11, the calculation will be made from 01.11 till 30.11, and it’ll be reset again on 01.12;

    • all - total cap, it’s calculated for the entire time, when the advertiser has conversions.

Click Create to add a new cap rule.

Caps list

Once you've created a new cap rule, it appears in the general caps list.


The list contains all the parameters the cap rule has. Besides that it shows a progress bar that depicts the progress of cap filling. The progress bar updates every 3 hours. It also displays the date and time when the progress was calculated the last time. The date and time is shown according to the time zone of the cap rule.


1) Does the advertiser see his caps and the progress bar on his panel in Affise?

No, the advertiser sees neither caps nor progress bars on his cabinet in Affise.

2) I've changed the advertiser for the offer. What will happen?

When the system starts calculating the budget the next time, it will notice this changing. This offer won't be counted for the advertiser who has a cap anymore.

3) I've edited the conversion's revenue. What will happen?

When the system starts calculating the budget the next time, it will notice this changing and recalculate the budget.

4) Is such a cap rule shown on the Dashboard?

No, you can see the cap rules only in the general caps list in the Advertisers section.

5) Where does traffic go when the cap is reached?

Traffic goes to the Global Trafficback link. Check this article out to learn more.

6) How can I be aware of cap reaching?

You can create a subscription using Affise Notification system. It is possible to receive notification either via email or in-app.

7) Do affiliates see cap rules for the advertiser, whose offers they send traffic to?

No, affiliates don't see cap rules for the advertisers.

8) How can I check whether the budget is calculated correctly?

You can check the Custom slice of Statistics. Use the following filters and flags:


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If you still have any questions left on setting up caps for advertisers, feel free to address them to Affise Technical Support Team via [email protected] as long as to contact your Dedicated Account Manager.

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