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⚠️ The Shortlink feature is available only for certain plans. Contact your Affise account manager to get the feature.

URL shortening feature is used to create shorter aliases for standard Affise tracking URLs, i.e., short links.

Short link is a URL that is a shorter alias for a standard tracking URL. Short links save a lot of space when displayed or messaged. Additionally, users are less likely to mistype shorter URLs.

What's more, short links prevent Affise tracking URL from blocking by Adblock and some similar services. If your Affise tracking link is blocked by such services pretty

often, try new feature out!

How to create a Shortlink?

There is a button 'Short link' within Webmaster panelOffer's preview pageTracking link field:

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Upon pressing on a ‘Short link’ button within a Tracking link field, the system shall allow you to generate a short URL for a standard Affise tracking URL.

An example:

Standard tracking URL: http://rocketcompany.g2afse.com/click?pid=44&offer_id=188
Short link: http://rocketcompany.g2afse.com/nBjZus

A Shortlink is generated with a protocol (HTTP/HTTPS) according to your domain settings (Settings -> Tracking domains)

Parameters & Macros

If you add any additional parameter/-s to a standard Affise tracking URL (for example, ref_id, sub1-sub8, etc.) and click a 'Short link' button, the system will automatically include the additional parameter/-s into the generated shortened URL by regenerating it. However you won't see certain parameters and macros in the very short link.

Once the end user clicks a short link, he is redirected in the same way as it's done within the standard Affise tracking link.

❗ Note that the system doesn't allow a user to add/edit/delete character/-s to the generated by the system Short link.

Mind, that the set of symbols in the very short link is unique for every combination of subs and relevant macros. For instance:

Shortlinks Generation History

It is possible to see last 10 generated short links as well as parameters and macros used while generating:


Here you can see which set of symbols was assigned to which parameters and macros/values.

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If you have more questions on the Offers section, please contact your Affiliate manager via the support section Tickets.

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