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Support section overview

The support section is intended for communication with your manager:


In the Support section, you can see your pre-moderation offer requests decisions and create a new ticket for your manager. Your request will be automatically added to the Support section as a Ticket when you request access to the pre-moderation offer in the Offer section.

Here you may see next ticket parameters:

  • ID - Ticket ID in your manager panel

  • Data creation - Ticket data creation

  • Ticket title - Ticket title or request to the offer

  • Ticket type - Ticket type which can be: Offer Request, General questions, Payments, Technical questions

  • Answers - The number of answers to the ticket from you and your manager

  • Status - Ticket status, which can be: Closed - means the ticket is resolved and closed by your manager, Opened - means the ticket is new and not closed by your manager.

How to create a new ticket?

To start a conversation with your manager, go to the 'Support' section' and click on the 'Create ticket' button:

Here you will see New ticket form with required fields that need to be filled:

  • Type - ticket type, which depends on your question. It can be: General questions, Payments, Technical questions

  • Title - enter here a short ticket title or a subject of the question

  • Description - write here your question or describe your difficulty

  • Attachment - optional field. You may upload a necessary file in one of the following formats: .jpg, .png, .zip, .gif.

You can upload no more than 5 files with a size of no more than 5 MB each.

After filling all the required fields, click on the 'Add' button to save a new ticket and send it to your manager.

When your manager responds to your ticket, you will see the corresponding checkmark:


Open the necessary ticket to view the answer from your manager. You also can continue communication with the manager by adding a comment:

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If you have more questions on the above, feel free to contact your Affiliate manager via the Tickets in the Support section.

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