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The Smartlink is a monetization tool that allows you to get only one link to all the offers. Using the technology of machine learning, it automatically selects the offers by several parameters.

The Smartlinks section consists of 2 subsections:

  1. All Smartlinks - the list of Smartlinks with public and pre-moderation privacy level.

  2. Available Smartlinks-the list of Smartlinks with public privacy level and Smartlinks connected to you by your Affiliate Manager (means that request is approved)

Upon clicking on a certain Smartlink category you will get to the page with the link itself:

Kola - Google Chrome 2022-01-10 at 5.57.05 PM

If you don't have access to the Smartlink, you may request it:


Here you can complete the link with your macros. You can use sub1-sub8 macros despite there are forms only for sub1-sub5 macros.

❗ Note that you will be able to use Smartlinks only for offers with public privacy level and those offers to which you are connected.

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If you have more questions on the Offers section, feel free to contact your Affiliate manager via the Tickets in the Support section.

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