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If you need to target a specific audience, you’ll need to set conditions (i.e targeting restrictions) for the advertising campaign. We have a detailed guide about how to set up Targeting in the offer.

How does the click choose an appropriate Targeting group?

Generally speaking, the choosing of Targeting group defines whether the click will go to the offer or it will go to Trafficback. If click does not find appropriate Targeting group - either general or personal ones - it will go to Trafficback, therefore the loss of traffic happens.

Three criteria influence the Targeting group selection:

  1. Existence of personal Targeting group for the Affiliate whom this very click belongs to.

  2. All fields each Targeting group has (except several ones - see the section 'All fields of the Targeting group')

  3. Weights

Existence of personal Targeting group

The general principle is: there are at least one general targeting group and one personal targeting group for the affiliate No.1. Once a click from this very affiliate comes to Affise, it checks if there is a personal targeting group. If yes, it checks restrictions. If the option ‘Consider personal targeting only’ is ON, then the click does not check the general targeting group if it does not meet restrictions in the personal one. If the option ‘Consider personal targeting only’ is OFF, then the click checks the general targeting group.

❗ Situation: the offer has a general Targeting group, one personal for affiliate No.1. Affiliate No.2 sends click for the offer. The system will check whether there is a personal Targeting group for the affiliate No . 2 - if not, the click will check the general Targeting group even when 'Consider personal targeting only' is ON.

Selection by all fields of the Targeting group

The general principle is: once the click came, it looks through all fields the targeting groups have, except the Additional Tracking URL. If some restrictions are not met, the click will go to Trafficback according to Trafficback settings.

The existence or the absence of Additional Tracking URLs generally does not influence Targeting group selection. This option is applied after the Targeting group was selected: if it has some Additional Tracking URLs, traffic will go to them by their weights.

Selection by weights

Sometimes click could meet several appropriate Targeting groups:

1) When there are several appropriate personal Target groups, where the criteria of All fields is met.

2) When there are several general Target groups, where the criteria of All fields is met. No personal Target groups for the particular Affiliate exist.

In this case, the system should choose only one Targeting group. Weights are points that are scored for the particular field in the Targeting group. The more points the Targeting group has in general, the higher chance of its choosing by the system.

If, after weights checking, still there are several appropriate Targeting groups, the random one will be chosen.

Don't confuse Targeting weights and Additional URLs' weights. It is two different options, which are not correlated with each other.


1) Where I can find 'Consider personal targeting only' option?

There are 3 levels where the option exists:

  • Settings. Content (for all offers on the platform)

  • Advertiser's edit page (for all offers of the particular advertiser)

  • Offer edit page → Targeting group section (for the particular offer)

2) If I switch 'Consider personal targeting only' on the level of Settings, will I be able to change the configuration of this option on the lower levels?

No, if you turn 'Consider personal targeting only' on in Settings, the option on the lower levels becomes 'frozen' in a condition they were before you switched it on the level of Settings.

3) When creating a new offer/a new advertiser, which configuration will 'Consider personal targeting only' option have?

It will be disabled by default.

4) Which Targeting groups will be depicted for my affiliate No. 1 via API, if there is general Targeting group, personal Targeting group for affiliate No. 2, and the 'Consider personal targeting only" option is ON?

Affiliate No. 1 will see all general Targeting groups. Affiliate No. 2 will see only his personal Targeting group.

5) How can I manage 'Consider personal targeting only' option via API?

Use the parameter 'consider_personal_targeting_only' to turn the option ON/OFF.

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Should you have any further doubts or questions on Targeting or New offer setup, feel free to address them to Affise Support Team via [email protected] or your internal live-chat as long as to contact your dedicated Account Manager.

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