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This article will list all possible ways to approve Offers to Affiliate.

Method 1. Offer preview page

You can easily approve a Private or Pre-moderation Offers to Affiliate via Admin panel in the Offer preview page. Go to the 'Offers' section - > 'Offer preview page' - > 'Enabled Affiliates':


Method 2. Offer edit page

You can easily approve a Private or Pre-moderation Offer to Affiliate when creating or updating an Offer in the Offer edit page. Go to the 'Offers' section - > 'Offer edit page' - > 'Affiliates' tab - > 'Enabled Affiliates':

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Method 3. Manually via Affiliate panel

You can independently approve an Offer for Affiliate through his/her Affiliate panel. Go to the 'Affiliates' section - > 'Affiliate management' tab in your Admin panel, find needed Affiliate in Active status and click on the 'Sign in' button:

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This way you can approve an Offer only to Active Affiliate.

Find out more about the Affiliate's statuses and their peculiarities

In the Affiliate panel, go to the 'Offers' section - > 'All Offers' tab - > find needed Premoderation Offer and request access:

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Once you have requested access to the Premoderation Offer, return to the Admin panel and go to the 'Tickets' section - > 'Ticket list' tab:

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Find needed Ticket and click on "Approve" button to approve the ticket and connect Affiliate to the Offer.

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If you have more questions on how to approve Offers to Affiliate, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via [email protected] or your Dedicated Account Manager.

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