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The export option allows exporting data on all/some conversions as .csv file, that is saved in your PC/laptop.

❗ Only users with the following permissions are allowed to perform Conversions data export:

  1. Permission for Conversions list view (Read)

  2. Permission for Conversions data export (Read)

  3. Permission for Export stats (Read)

Check our guide on User Management to get more information about permissions.

Normal conversions data export

Go to Statistics -> Conversion slice.

Use the filters if needed, then press the ‘Export’ button:

You will see the table:


  • Conversion ID: the ID of conversions you got via &action_id= parameter from the Advertiser. If such a parameter wasn’t used, the relevant click ID will appear.

  • Internal ID: Conversion internal ID you may check via going to the Conversion view page. How to get to the Conversion view page: click on Conversion ID in the ‘ID’ column.

  • Created at: date and time when the conversion was created.

  • Offer: the name of the offer.

  • Offer ID: the ID you see in the Offer list.

  • External offer ID: the ID of the offer on the Advertiser side.

  • Goal: goal value and goal title (if one is set).

  • Hold time: if the offer has a hold period, the export file will contain the date when the conversion becomes Approved automatically.

  • Afprice: the sum of money you got via &sum= parameters from the Advertiser.

  • Time to conversion: the time between click creation and conversion creation.

  • Comment: the comment about the conversion or the description of the reason for conversion rejection.

  • Refid: the value you got from the Affiliate via &ref_id= parameter on the click level.

Check the needed flags and press the ‘Export’ button to start the export process.

❗ You can export conversions for 62 days only at once. If you need to get conversions for more days, please launch two or more separate processes of file exporting.

Once it is done, you will see the file in the Export section:

If the number of conversions is high, it will take some time to proceed with the export.

❗ Note that you'll be able to see only the Export done by you, not by the rest of your platform's users.

How to create presets?

There is an opportunity to create a preset for the Export table. It is useful when you usually export the same data (like only Conversion ID, Offer ID, Status, and Payouts).

See the GIF below:

You can delete the preset by clicking on the 'Delete preset' button.

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Should you have any further doubts or questions on working with Conversions export, feel free to address them to Affise Support Team via [email protected] or your internal live-chat as long as to contact your dedicated Account Manager.

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