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Integration Flow

First, you need to start the integration process with Adjust is to navigate to link generation page https://partners.adjust.com/.

Step 1. Get a Tracking URL (and event list, if necessary) from your Advertiser.

Copy Advertiser's Tracking URL and put it in the 'Enter your links' field on the Adjust side:

The Adjust tracking link must contain a token (abc341 on the screenshot above - it is an example). When the Advertiser creates a tracking URL in Adjust, this token is generated automatically, so every link must contain it.

No need to add {clickid} macro to this very link. As the Affise postback link contains this macro, Adjust will receive the value and send it back anyway.

The example where parameters are from Adjust and macros from Affise:



  • campaign={pid} - the ID of your affiliate

  • adgroup={sub2} - the sub source

  • creative={sub3} - creative ID if your affiliate passed it to you (for this value you can use any of free sub accounts).

Step 2. Take Affise Postback URL from 'Offer edit' page - > 'Postbacks' - > 'Integration pixels' - > 'S2S (Postback)' field:

Copy Affise Postback URL and put it in the 'Your Callbacks' -> 'Install' field:

You can update the Affise Postback URL with Affise parameters and Adjust macros.

This postback link is used for '1' - default goal value. All conversions received via the link will have this exact goal value. If you want to track some other goals, refer to the next point.

Find out the full list of Adjust macros here.

Step 3. In case you want to generate Adjust URL for some goals (events), you need to put your Affise Postbacks in the 'Event' field with &goal={goal_value} macro. Where {goal_value} - goal value specified in the 'Offer edit' page - > 'Payouts' tab - > 'Goal value' field:


Put your Affise Postback URL for a particular goal (event) in the 'Event' field with the token for this particular goal (event):

The token is created for every goal (event), which is tracked by the Advertiser in Adjust. Each event has its unique token. You have to refer to the Advertiser to ask for a token for the particular goal you would like to track in Affise.

Make sure you use the right token for a specific goal value. The goal value and token in the event Postback URL should be indicated correctly.

Step 4. Copy the generated URL in the 'Generated URLs' field:

You should put this link to 'Tracking URL' field on 'Tracking' tab in the offer settings:

And the very same link should be given to the advertiser as the postback link.


1) I inserted a postback link for a non-default goal to 'Install' field in Adjust. Conversions with which goal will I receive?

If you've put the link with a certain goal value, received conversions will contain this very goal value. The link in 'Install' field is a link Adjust uses to pass all conversions with the default goal - it doesn't care if the link contains non-default goal.

The correct postback link for Install:


This link doesn't contain a goal value, all conversions will be received with the '1' goal value.

2) I inserted a postback with a goal value 'Registration', but my advertiser gave me a token for the goal value 'Purchase'. Conversions with which goal will I receive?

Conversions will contain 'Registration' goal value - the value the postback link has.

3) I see much more conversions with a goal value 'Registration' in Affise than in Adjust. What can I check?

Make sure the Adjust link contains the correct tokens for all goals you have. If your Advertiser gave you the token for the goal 'Purchase', but you used the token for the goal 'Registration', all conversions with 'Purchase' in Adjust will be recorded with 'Registration' in Affise.

4) I work with the SKAdNetwork, what link should I use if I want to send data to Adjust?

If you want to send data to Adjust, use this link for both GET and POST methods:


The list of mandatory parameters:

  • sk_ts - unix timestamp of conversion creation, UTC

  • ip_address - IP address

  • user_agent - UserAgent of user browser

  • sk_payload - the complete SKAdNetwork payload json (url-encoded).

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If you have more questions on the Integration with Adjust, feel free to contact the Adjust Support Team via [email protected].

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