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Appnext Postback URL

The integration process starts with creation Appnext as Affiliate on your Admin panel. Go to the 'Affiliates' section - > 'Affiliate management' section - > 'Add' button:

Next, you need is to set up Appnext postback on the Affiliate edit page.

Appnext Postback URL example:


Affise Tracking URL

Next, you need is to update the Affise Tracking URL in the next way:


To do it go to the 'Offers' section - > 'Offer edit' page - > 'Tracking' tab - > 'Additional marco' field and put additional marcos in this field sub2={clickid}&sub1={sub_pub_source}&sub3={android_id}&sub4={device_id} and click on the 'Save' button. After this your Affise Tracking URL will be updated automatically.

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If you have more questions on the Affise <-> Appnext Integration, feel free to contact the Appnext Support Team via the [email protected]

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