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General Info

First of all, to get started with API, you need to find your API-key. To do it, just navigate to 'Users' Tab - > 'Users management' -> 'User edit page'.

❗Only the General manager has permission to get the 'User edit page'.

Next thing you need is API URL, you can find it in 'Settings' Tab -> 'Settings' -> 'Tracking domains' -> 'URLs' section.

Find out more about where you can find your/Affiliate's API-key and API URL here.

API Request Structure: GET/POST + api domain + path + ? + api-key=189471975956279174174.

It should be noted that header content-type - multipart/form-data is used for uploading files (logo, creative files) and content-type - application/x-www-form-urlencoded is used on an ongoing basis.

[POST] Add offer

To create new offer via API, you need to navigate to the 'Offers' section in the API Doc and choose the 'Add offer' method (follow the link):

Here you may see a lot of parameters that can be used to create a new offer.

These parameters are required:

  • title - Offer title

  • advertiser - Advertiser ID

  • url - Tracking URL

  • payout - at least one general payout. Check this article out to learn how to do it.

Example on how to add new offer with logo and creatives via API:

1) First of all, make sure that headers are entered correctly:

If you create an offer manually via API and want to add a logo or creative files/downloads, make sure that header content-type - multipart/form-data is used.

2) Enter required and all needed parameters in body section:

Here you may see a little demo on how to add file:

cURL Request

The example of offer creation with logo and creatives via cURL request:

curl --location --request POST 'https://api-rocketcompany.affise.com/3.0/admin/offer' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
--header 'Content-Type: multipart/form-data' \
--header 'api-key: bf09c801ff9b95b14ac8e17d6e4904b6' \
--form 'advertiser=5e39279bac611cda7e5765ab' \
--form 'url=https://track.gjane.com/hc/click?afclick={clickid}&afpid={pid}&afoffer={offer_id}' \
--form '[email protected]/C:/Users/37525/Downloads/api.png' \
--form 'creativeFiles[0][email protected]/C:/Users/37525/Downloads/api.png' \
--form 'creativeUrls[1]=https://google.drive' \
--form 'creativeDownloads=https://google.drive/download' \

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If you have more questions on how to create an offer with logo or creatives via API, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via [email protected] or your Dedicated Account Manager.

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