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API General info

In the Affise API, only three data types are used:

  • Int - used only for integer values, such as offer ID, affiliate ID, etc.

  • String - includes integer values, letters, and characters: country code, cap type, payment type, etc.

  • Array - used with multiple values: affiliates in caps, goals in caps, etc.

In the Affise API, only three methods are used: GET, POST, DELETE.

To start working with API, you may use any of free API-development tools such as Postman, Insomnia, Advanced REST client, etc.

How to find your API-key?

For data exchange authentication, users API-key passed as a parameter in the header should be used. As the key, a hash generated for your site. User can find API key in 'Users' Tab - > 'Users management' -> 'User edit page':

❗ Only the General manager has permission to get the "User edit page".

How to find Affiliate's API-key?

If you want to setup API integration with Affiliate, he/she also needs individual API-key to get access to API.

Affiliate can easily find individual API-key in his/her Affiliate's panel in 'Profile' Tab - > 'API-key' section:

How to find your API URL?

Next thing you need is API URL, you can find it in Settings tab -> Settings -> Tracking domains -> Default URL's tab.

❗ Keep in mind that your API URL leads to API Doc. Find API v.3.1. Doc here.

Who has permissions to get API-key?

There are three types of users in Affise:

  • General manager - a user with admin rights to the panel

  • Affiliate manager - a user who is responsible for the work with Affiliates

  • Account manager - a user who is responsible for the work with Advertisers

Different types of users have different permissions and modes of access to platform sections.

❗ The User with General manager rights has access to all sections and has permission to get API-key of any User and any Affiliate.

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If you have more questions on the API Integration, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via [email protected] or your Dedicated Account Manager.

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