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How to get started with Affise & Billoid integration?

Billoid is the leading billing intelligence solution for the affiliate and performance industry. This solution helps performance networks around the world to automate and simplify finance processes and simplify smart financial decision making. Billoid clients benefit from huge time savings and easy cash flow management while they stay compliant with any tax legislation worldwide.

By connecting your Affise and Billoid accounts, you can easily process invoices and in a minimum amount of time.

How does it work?

Step 1. Set up your Billoid account by contacting Billoid sales at [email protected] or via registration under https://www.billoid.com/pricing/

Step 2. Connect your Affise to your Billoid Account by logging into your Billoid Account and click on Settings - > AdTracker Setup:

Step 3. Enter your Affise-domain and your API key in the respective fields. Optionally, you can assign and map custom fields with Billoid fields.

❗ You may find your API domain in 'Settings' - > 'Tracking domains' - > 'Api URL'.

❗ You may find your API-key in 'Users' section - > 'User management' - > 'User edit' page. Note that only the user with the Administrator role has access to the 'User edit' page.

Step 4. Synchronize the data from Affise to Billoid by clicking on AdTracker - > Get AdTracker Data. Once this completes, you can access advertiser, affiliate, and stats data in Billoid.

Step 5. To see all unbilled data, go to the Advertisers tab and click on Generate Invoices, or to the Affiliates tab and click on Generate Credit Notes.

Should you have any further doubts or questions on the Billoid plugin work, feel free to contact the Billoid support team.

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