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There can be several reasons when a ‘declined’ status is assigned to the conversion. You can easily check the conversion status in 'Statistics' section - > 'Conversions' - > under 'Status' column:

Let’s have a look at all possible scenarios:

'Payments not found'

‘Payments not found’ comment means that conversion declined because it does not meet the offer’s payouts settings.

Payouts and Revenue columns would be empty only if the conversion was rejected with a comment of 'Payments not found'. In all other cases, the conversion will be with money.

The reason for rejection is wrong targeting in a received conversion, which is not set in offer’s payouts. Check payouts you have set in offer’s settings under ‘Payouts’ tab: GEO, Device, OS, Sub values, Goal:


'Rejected by a Manager'

Rejected by Manager’ comment means that a conversion has been declined by one of the platform’s users.

If you need to check details on which user has changed conversion’s status to ‘declined’, you can do it in ‘Users’ section - > ‘User Activity logs’ by filtering information with ‘Conversion edit’ type of logs:


‘Cap is reached’

Cap is reached’ comment means that conversion was declined because the cap was reached for a specific campaign.

’Click session lifespan is expired’ or 'Impression session lifespan is expired'

'Click/impression session lifespan' is a time period when a conversion is allowed for a click or an impression.

‘Click/impression session lifespan is expired’ comment means that click/impression session lifespan set in the offer’s settings (Tracking - > Click Session Lifespan) has been expired:

❗ This option works for impressions only if you use the view-through attribution.

Min click session lifespan is not reached’ or 'Min impression session lifespan is not reached'

Min click/impression session lifespan is not reached’ comment means that minimal click/impression session lifespan set in the offer’s settings was not yet reached and conversion was declined.

❗ This option works for impressions only if you use the view-through attribution.

Status ‘3’ - Declined received via Advertiser’s postback

The Advertiser can forcibly pass declined conversion status via a postback with the help of the &status=3 parameter. In this case, a conversion will be registered in Affise system with status ‘3’ - Declined:

Notice: there can be five conversions’ statuses:

  • 1 – action is «approved» (paid by the advertiser);

  • 2 – action is «pending» (decision in the process, request status later);

  • 3 – action is «declined» (not paid by the advertiser);

  • 4 – requested action «does not exist» (requested ID is not registered on advertiser's site);

  • 5 - action is approved and put on «hold» (will be paid by the advertiser at a certain amount of time)

‘IP duplicate’

Once ‘Unique IP only’ and ‘Reject not unique IP’ buttons are ON in the offer’s settings (Postbacks - > Reject not unique IP), conversions with not unique IP will be rejected with the relevant comment. Notice: it does not affect conversions with the same IPs but different goals.

'Partner is disabled'

'Partner is disabled' comment means that conversion came for a partner (affiliate) who had been disabled from the offer before a postback for the conversion was registered.

'Partner is banned'

'Partner is banned' comment means that conversion came for a partner (affiliate) whose status had been changed to 'banned'. Conversions for a banned partner will come in a declined status with a comment 'partner is banned'. You can always unban the partner if needed by changing his status in Affiliates - > Affiliate Management - > Edit page.

Declined by Fraud detection plugins

Conversions can also be declined by the Fraud detection plugin you’re integrated with.

Comments can be different based on the Plugin you’re integrated with and rejection reason. To specify conversion’s rejection reason, contact the Fraud detection service you’re integrated with on the matter.

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If you have more questions on the Reasons for conversion's rejection, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via [email protected] or your Dedicated Account Manager.

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