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Services like Adblock or Poper Blocker can block Affise tracking links from time to time due to the huge amount of advertisement.

At this point it is known that links are blocked if they were installed right in the browser and worked as pop-up links.

Below you can find an instruction, which suggests several ways around the blockage of your Affise tracking URLs on Adblock’s side.

Use the custom tracking domain

Change the domain you use in Affise tracking URL: if you use a tracking URL with a default tracking domain, it can be updated to your custom tracking domain in the following way:

Ex.: https://rocketcompany.g2afse.com/click?pid=1&offer_id=896

To https://bestoffers.tracking.com/click?pid=1&offer_id=896

❗ Custom domain implementation should be done according to Affise technical procedure. Find out more about custom domain implementation here.

Why it may help: Adblock has an open public list of blocked values. If you see there your default tracking domain (yourcompanyname.g2afse.com or yourcompanyname.go2affise.com) - it is evidence that Adblock blocks traffic coming via this domain due to the big amount of advertisement. That's why we recommend changing the very domain name, which is absent in this very list.

❗ The values in this list change from time to time, so keep an eye on it.

Swap the parameters

Replace the parameters 'pid' and 'offer_id' in a tracking URL you use:

Ex: https://rocketcompany.g2afse.com/click?pid=1&offer_id=896

To https://rocketcompany.g2afse.com/click?offer_id=896&pid=1

Why it may help: Adblock has an open public list of blocked values. If you see there the conjunction of two parameters in the way how they're located in the tracking URL (pid=&offer_id=)- it is an evidence that the Affise tracking URL can be blocked by those parameters, that's why it makes sense to change their order. Don't miss those parameters with others, which look similar (for example: ?aff_id=*&offer_id= - it is not Affise parameters)

❗The values in this list change time to time, so keep an eye on it.

Use shortlinks

Use shortlinks. You can update your tracking URL into a shortlink. You can find special tools to make shortlinks on the Net.

Ex. https://www.shorturl.at

Why it may help: Shortlinks contain a unique set of symbols, which Adblock will most likely ignore.

Check this article out to try Affise Shortlink feature:

Shortlinks is the most efficient way to avoid blocking links by Adblock and similar services.

The most efficient way to avoid blocking links is to use all the measures listed above in conjunction (all together).

If you still face the problem with blocking after trying out all the measures above, please, refer to the Affise Support team.

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Should you have any further doubts or questions on this matter, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via [email protected].

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