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This article aims to identify and solve common mistakes that can be made while setting Integration with both Advertiser and Affiliate. Following our recommendations can help Affise Client set any Integration smoothly.

The S2S Integration Troubleshooting

№1 Clickid data is missed

Quite often, our Affise Support Team receives requests with the following: "I do not see conversions after a test". First of all, you should make sure if there is a conversions' discrepancy or the Advertiser does not send postbacks. Once an Advertiser fires a postback, you will see the way it was fired in Statistics -> Server postbacks.

Screen Recording 2022-04-25 at PM

If there are no postbacks, it means that the Advertiser did not send them. That's why the Affise client has two ways to resolve this query:

  1. First of all, the Affise client needs to check whether the Tracking URL and Postback URL are correctly set up.Affise client should check Advertiser's Tracking URL for Affise {clickid} macro in 'Offer edit page' -> 'Tracking Tab' -> "Tracking URL':

❗ Tracking URL should contain mandatory {clickid} or {click_id} macros for passing the Affise clickid value to Advertiser. Postback URL should contain mandatory &clickid= parameter so that the Affise system could register a postback and generate a conversion for it. Postbacks without Affise clickid values are registered as broken.

2. If the postback is set up correctly, but you still do not receive conversions, you'll need to check whether the advertiser sends postbacks in ‘Statistics’ - > ‘Server postbacks’ and if there are no postbacks - contact the Advertiser.

- Full list of Affise parameters and macros for the S2S Integration with Advertiser here.

- Learn more about Conversions discrepancy here.

№2 Custom_fields for conversions, subs for clicks

In case when Affise client wants to receive some additional information from the Advertiser, he needs to use any of free &custom_fields1-&custom_fields7 parameters for a postback.

To receive some additional information from the Affiliate, the Affise client needs to update Affise Tracking URL with &sub1 - &sub8 parameters. Affise Tracking URL can be generated on 'Offer's preview page':

You can also pass the received data in sub1-sub8 parameters further to the Advertiser via Offer's Tracking URL using {sub1} - {sub8} macros on 'Offer's edit page' -> 'Tracking Tab' -> "Tracking URL'

It is possible to check custom fields and sub-accounts data in 'Statistics' Tab -> 'Conversions' :

and subs in 'Statistics' Tab -> 'Custom':


❗ Remember that sub-accounts data in 'Custom Statistic' available only for the last 30 days.

№3 Goal tracking

For each goal/event you'd like to record in Affise, there should be a separate postback URL set up on your Advertiser's side. For example, if you have three (3) payouts with 3 goals/events set for a specific offer, there should be three (3) postback URLs set up in your Advertiser's system.

❗ Please, remember that Advertiser needs to pass the goal value (created in Affise) in the postback, not the goal title. Ex.:


Find out more about goal tracking and how to update your postback link with &goal= goal_value in the correct way here.

№4 Allowed symbols in URLs

You can use the following safe symbols in URLs, usage of which will not harm tracking:

  • Alphanumerics: 0-9 a-zA-Z

  • Special characters: $-_.+!*'(),

You can also receive sub account's data with the following allowed symbols:

  • a-z 0-9,._-{}+=/:~

Kindly note to avoid using unsafe symbols in URLs, which may harm tracking (non-ASCII symbols).

№5 Encoded link

Note that browsers send URLs to the Internet in ASCII encoding. If any URL contains non-ASCII characters, the URL is automatically converted by the browser and by Affise. URL conversion refers to replacing unsafe characters with a " % " sign, followed by two hexadecimal numbers that correspond to the values of characters from the ISO-8859-1 encoding. Also, the URL must not contain spaces (usually, they are replaced with a "+ " sign).

If you face such a query, you may solve it by using any of the open sourсe decoders.


Affise client put advertiser's tracking URL in the 'Tracking URL' field in the offer settings, but this link does not work correctly:


To decode such link Affise client may use any public tool for URLs decoding, for example, https://www.urldecoder.org/

Put the encoded link into the Decode field:

Click on the 'Decode' button and decoded link will appear below and will look like:


The decoded tracking URL should be after all placed in the Offer's Settings -> Tracking -> Tracking URL.

№6 How to Generate Click manually

There is an additional manual way to generate a click if it's needed. Using &format=json with Affise Tracking link, Affise client may generate click ID on his/her end.

To do such a test, follow the steps below:

1) Generate Affise Tracking link on the 'Offer preview page':

❗ If there are targeting restrictions in the offer, you need to check out the checkbox 'Test link'. Once it's done, the 'sub1=testofferlink' part is added to your tracking URL. This will help you omit the targeting restrictions of your offer if you are set without turning them off.

2) The generated tracking URL can be now put into your browser address bar:



Affise client will be able to see: 24-symbol Affise clickid value and the URL it's redirected to.

3) If you'd like to emulate a postback for this clickid value, copy the generated click ID and put it into Affise postback ('Offer edit page' - > 'Postbacks' - > 'S2S Postbacks'):



You see status:1 which means that postback was fired successfully:

It also can be checked in the Statistics -> Server postbacks:

Server postbacks _ Rocketcompany - Google Chrome 2022-04-25 at 5.23.01 PM

If status:2 is received, find a related error message in the following guide and steps to update the integration. Find out more about how to take the S2S Integration test with Advertiser here.

C2S Integration (Pixel integration) Troubleshooting

№1 Pixel default status

Advertiser's pixel is fired in status 'pending' ('2') by default. If you'd like to receive conversions in a certain status, use additional parameter 'afstatus=status' where 'status' should be replaced with a certain conversion status value. Ex. 'afstatus=1' for approved conversions. Conversions statuses and their values:

  • 1 – action is «approved» (paid by the advertiser);

  • 2 – action is «pending» (decision in the process, request status later);

  • 3 – action is «declined» (not paid by the advertiser);

  • 5 - action is «approved» and put on Hold (will be paid by the advertiser at a certain amount of time - the period of hold is taken from the offer settings).

№2 Goal tracking

In case when Affise client wants to track more than 1 goal, he needs to create individual pixel for each goal and place them on separate success pages.

It can be made by implementing afgoal={goal_value} parameter to the pixel's code.

You can follow the next easy scheme to correctly setup pixel integration:

1 goal = 1 Affise pixel = 1 success page

№3 Secure postback's code& status's mandatory symbols

Please, remember, that Secure Postback code and Status used only with quotation marks: &afsecure="code_itself", &afstatus="1".


<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">var afoffer_id =802;
var afid={afid};
var afprice={afprice};
var afgoal={goal};
var afua={useragent};
var afcomment={comment};
var afstatus="1";
var afsecure="ff87d311f555f103683dc49b6ff393a2";
var custom_field1={extra_data};
var custom_field2={extra_data};
<script language="javaScript" type="text/javascript" src="https://tracking.go2affise.com/track.js"></script>

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If you have more questions on the S2S or C2S Integrations, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via [email protected] or your Dedicated Account Manager.

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