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Firstly we highly recommend you get familiar with our detailed guide on Billing for Affiliates.

When trying to generate the billing, you may face the following errors:

  1. the affiliate *affiliate name and ID* do not have payment system (currency acronym)

  2. the affiliate *affiliate name and ID* do not have paid conversions

  3. minimum payment - *amount of money and currency*

  4. Generation is running...

The error the affiliate *affiliate name and ID* does not have a payment system (currency acronym)means two things:

  1. Affiliate has not chosen yet the payment system for the currency, presented in payouts in payable conversions. Solution: to check whether the payment system is added on the platform level: Settings -> Content -> Payment systems. If no - first of all, the payment system must be added. If the needed payment system is presented on the platform level, then you need to check whether it is chosen on the Affiliate edit page or in Affiliate profile in his panel.

  2. The chosen on Affiliate edit page/on Affiliate panel payment system does not have any fields. Solution: go to Settings -> Content -> Payment systems and set up at least one field for all presented payment systems. The field can be empty

The error the affiliate *affiliate name and ID* does not have paid conversions’ means two things:

  1. The affiliate does not have conversions at all.

  2. The affiliate does not have unpaid approved conversions for the period of time, which the billing is being created for. There are no payable conversions to be included in the billing.

The error ‘minimum payment - *amount of money and currency*’ means that you try to generate the billing using the second form for the sum of money, less than set up in Settings -> Content -> Currencies.

Solution: to make minimum payment less, than it is set up currently or to generate the billing for an equal or more significant sum of money.

The error Generation is running...means two things:

1. The system is experiencing a huge loading. There are too many affiliates whose conversions are counted for the billing, and there are thousands of such conversions. Solution: to create several billings, using limitations for affiliates (just for one affiliate), for time (till the previous month, for instance), for the sum of money.

2. The affiliate does not have a payment system with at least one field. Solution: to add at least one field to the payment system in Settings → Payment systems → Edit page of a certain payment system.

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If you feel like there are some questions left upon the Billing for Affiliates, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via [email protected] or your internal live-chat.

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