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Deeplink is a specific link that allows redirecting users to a particular piece of web content: specific mobile app, product in an online store, etc. Deeplinks help to improve the quality of customer service: by clicking the ad in the app, the user immediately goes to a page with relevant information. Without deeplinks, users are to search for the needed content manually.

The method of deep linking is an important element of any marketing campaign for mobile devices. It allows us to simplify the path to the content for a new audience, and improves the user experience for existing users.

Deeplinks vs. Additional URLs and Landings

You may have a question about the necessity of deeplinks while there are additional URLs and landings in the offer.

Deeplinks have some other logic.

Additional URLs and landings are predetermined for an affiliate. We can have 10 additional URLs for one targeting group. Also, it's troublesome to add hundreds of landing pages.

Deeplinks provide an opportunity for an affiliate to choose among thousands of products on a website. The affiliate knows their audience and can select the most suitable product for deeplinking to boost conversions.

You can use two scenarios to set up a deeplink:

Deeplink as a path

To set up a deeplink as a path, follow the steps below:

  1. In the Tracking tab of your offer, activate the Allow deeplinks checkbox.

    Edit offer _ Rocketcompany - Google Chrome 2022-07-08 at 3.53.31 PM

  2. Go to Partner panel. In the necessary offer, enter a specific part of the link in the Deeplink field.

    Offer Free Prints (iOS, Free, IT, 112MB, w_capping, NRB, PRIVATE) CPA [DUPL.. 2022-07-08 at 4.06.03 PM

    For example, your Advertiser is an online store owner who wants to promote a certain item of clothing (ex.: skirts), not the store as a whole. In such a case, your specific part of the link leads to the product - /category/skirts.

    ❗ Remember that in the Deeplink field, only a specific part of the link should be placed, not the whole link. If you enter the whole link, click ID is not passed.

  3. After you enter a specific part of the link, the Tracking URL is automatically transformed into the deeplink with &path parameter and redirects you to the needed product page.


    The Tracking link looked like this before the transformation:


    After the transformation, it looks like this:


    ❗ Note to check with the Advertiser which part of the link is responsible for the desired redirect; otherwise, the Tracking link will be wrong and will redirect to the 404 page.

  4. To receive some additional information from the Affiliate, update the Affise Tracking link with any of the free &sub1-&sub8 and &ref_id parameters.



Deeplink as a redirect

To set up a deeplink as a redirect to another link independent from the tracking URL, do the following:

  1. On the Offer preview page, generate Affise tracking link for a specific affiliate. Update it with additional parameters if needed.

  2. Update the link with &redirect parameter, specifying a URL that serves as a deeplink. Share the link with your affiliate.

    Offer Creditron PL _ Rain - Google Chrome 2022-07-08 at 4.38.02 PM

  3. If necessary, in the Tracking tab of your offer, indicate additional parameters for a redirect link in the Redirect URL parameters checkbox.

    Edit offer _ Rain - Google Chrome 2022-07-08 at 4.33.44 PM

    These parameters are automatically added to the redirect link during the redirect.

❗You can use both types of tracking links as QR codes to enhance your traffic.


1) Can I check in the Statistics that traffic came via the deeplink?

No. Affise does not collect data on deeplinks for now. Your affiliate can indicate that a click came via a deeplink using additional parameters.

2) Does the link work if the Affise tracking link is set with https connection and the link to which the deeplink as a path redirects is set with http connection? And vice versa.

Yes, it works in such a case. Deeplink as a path is a special part of the link, and the SSL certificate is not involved here.

3) Can Deeplink as a path work on the subdomain: for example, the main domain is www.rocketcompany.com, and I want to set up the deeplink on www.offers.rocketcompany.com.

No. Deeplink as a path may work with only one domain.

4) How will Deeplink work if the offer has global/personal targeting restrictions?

The system works as usual: it will check all the restrictions in the offer's targeting settings, and the desired traffic will be redirected to the Deeplink, not the default tracking link.

5) How to deal with Deeplinks as paths via API?

To allow Deeplinks in the offer via API, use this method:

POST /3.0/admin/offer


and the parameter 'allow_deeplink'

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If you have more questions on the Deeplinking, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via [email protected] or your Dedicated Account Manager.

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