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How to work with the 'Retention rate' section?

Your customer retention rate is a metric that will help you to analyze how successful your campaign is based on the retention rate performance.

To start using Retention Rate, navigate to ‘Statistics’ - > Retention Rate, and make the following steps:

  1. Choose the timeframe you need to check. Retention Rate will be depicted in terms of a day for a chosen timeframe.

  2. Choose the needed Offer ID. Make sure that Offer ID chosen contains at least two goals, for example, Install and Registration, or Install, Registration and Purchase.

  3. Press the ‘View’ button.

  4. Once the 'View' button is checked, you'll be able to see goals set in the offer's settings. Choose the goals you need out of a drop-down menu of the related field.

As a result, you’ll be able to check statistics according to retention rate metrics. On the screenshot below, we have chosen Offer with two goals: Install and Registration.


  • Affiliate: Affiliate ID (-s) who is (are) enabled for the offer chosen and has (have) some clicks and conversions.

  • Under column ‘Install’ you will see the number of the conversions that have been registered with the goal ‘Install’.

  • Under column ‘Registration’ you’ll see the percent (%) of the conversions which have been resulted in ‘Registration’.

  • As a result, you see that 6 conversions (which is 50 %) out of 12 conversions for 'Install' resulted eventually in Registrations.

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