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What is Weights?

Additional tracking URLs can be used if a received click matches your targeting group settings. In such a case the traffic will be redirected to the additional tracking URL instead of default tracking URL.

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How can I manage redistribution of the traffic?

For this purpose you can easily use Weights.

By adding weights to your targeting groups you can redistribute traffic among the additional tracking URLs you set in the offer. This instrument can be extremely helpful once you're dealing with A/B testing.

Let's see how it works:

1) Imagine you're having an offer with two targeting groups of different GEOs:

  • for Spain

  • for India

As a result, one targeting group for Spain includes two additional tracking URLs:

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If you want to distribute your traffic among these two URLs, you also need to add weight ( % of received traffic) to them:

As a result of such settings, the upper URL will aim at receiving 60 % of traffic which comes from Spain, the lower URL will aim at receiving 40 % of traffic receiving from Spain.

❗ The common percent of all the traffic should equal or be less than 100 % within one targeting group. Once the percent is higher than 100% , the system will show you a related error message after an attempt to save the offer settings.

2) Imagine that the 2nd targeting group for India has only one additional tracking URL:

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The system will aim at sending 60 % of traffic from India to the highlighted URL. The rest of 40 % of traffic will be sent to the default offer's tracking URL ( set in the Tracking Tab -> Tracking URL).

❗ You can update URLs with the same macros that are used for main Tracking URL.


1) What if I add two tracking URLs in one targeting group and add weight only to one of them?

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The system will add the weight to the 2nd additional tracking URL automatically to reach 100 % of traffic redistribution. For instance, if the 1st additional tracking URL has 60 % percent, the system will automatically set 40 % to the 2nd one. If you have three additional tracking URLs and only one of them with weight of 60 %, the other two URLs will get 20 % of weight accordingly.

2) What if I add one additional tracking URLs to the targeting group and its weight will equal less than 100 % (eg. 40 %). Where will the system send the rest of the traffic?

The rest of such traffic will be sent to the default Tracking URL set in the offer's settings ( 'Tracking' tab - > 'Tracking URLs' field)

3) How many URLs can I add?

You can add up to 10 additional tracking URLs within one targeting group.

4) What if I add additional tracking URL without weights?

It gains 100% automatically.

5) How to manage Additional URLs and Weights via API?

Additional URLs and Weights have their own structure within targeting group.

URL is added with the help of this parameter: url

Weights are added with the help of this parameter: weight

Here you can find an example of offer creation via API.

6) What is the Parallel tracking URL field?

The field appears if you have Affise Server Parallel tracking feature enabled.

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If you have more questions on How to Add Weights to your Tracking URLs, feel free to contact Affise Support Team via [email protected] or your Dedicated Account Manager.

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