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A Postback is an action taken by an interactive webpage when the entire page and its contents are sent to the server for processing some information and then, the server posts the same page back to the browser.

So you need to provide your advertiser with your global postback.

Where can I find my global Postback URL?

You can find your global postback URL on 'Offer’s edit' page - > ‘Postbacks’ section - > ‘Integration pixels’ field:

Or you can also get it on 'Advertiser’s edit' page - > ‘S2S’ postback field:

❗ The postback URL you see in the Settings is a template URL that you need to copy, update it with the needed Affise parameters and Advertiser's macros and share it with your Advertiser.

Here you can find the whole list of parameters for your Affise postback URL.

Can I create a Postback URL for a specific goal (event)?

Once you have your postback URL updated, it needs to be shared with your advertiser and set on their side so you can get conversions data recorded in your Affise system.

Yes, you can create a postback URL for a specific goal/event. For this purpose, you need to take your postback URL and add a related parameter &goal=

For each goal/event you'd like to record in Affise, there should be a separate postback URL set up on your Advertiser's side. For example, if you have three (3) payouts with 3 goals/events set for a specific offer, there should be three (3) postback URLs set up in your Advertiser's system.

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If there are questions regarding the usage of your Postback URL, feel free to address them to Affise Support Team via [email protected] or contact your dedicated Account Manager.

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