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News section overview

On News page you can add and edit news for your affiliates:

You can add news by clicking on the 'Add' button:

Next, you will see the News creation form:


  • Subject - News Title;

  • Intro - News brief introduction;

  • Body text - News main text;

  • 'Active' checkbox - Enable this checkbox to show this news in the Dashboard section in Affiliate Panel;

  • 'Pined' checkbox - Enable this checkbox to show News first;

  • Pinned news background - Customize pinned news background via changing its color;

  • Pinned news text color - Customize pinned news text color.

Use the Save button to save the News.

You may see two messages in the News list:

  • News intro is not set

  • News subject is not set


It means the news don't have the relevant fields filled in.

If you have more questions on the News section, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via [email protected] or your Dedicated Account Manager.

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