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What is a Billing for Advertisers?

Billing for Advertisers is used to summarize the total revenue from your advertisers. At the end of the accounting period (the period of time for which conversions appeared in the system), you can easily generate invoices for selected advertisers.

To generate the invoice for your advertiser, go to 'Billing' section - > 'Advertisers':

Which permissions should be granted to let the user generate a billing?

All permissions are granted here: Admin panel -> Users -> User management.

You need to get Read/Write access for Advertisers editing:


Otherwise you won't see 'Billings for Advertisers' subsection at all.

If you have Deny access, but there are advertisers in Read or Write lists of exceptions, you will be able to create the billing only for those advertisers and their offers.

How to create new Billing for the Advertiser?

To create new Billing for the Advertiser, click on the 'Create invoice' button:

Here you may see the 'Create invoice' form:


  • Advertiser - Select the advertiser for which you want to create an invoice from the list of advertisers you have in your panel.

  • Period - Specify the needed period for the invoice. Select the Start date and End day for the invoice.

❗ The start date will be automatically defined according to the date of the last invoice or first day of Statistics.

  • Status - Select the invoice status. It can be:Unpaid - After you click on the 'Save' button, you will be able to remove or edit the bill.Paid - Once you click on the 'Save' button, the bill can't be changed or removed.

  • Currency - Select the invoice currency. Your default network currency will be selected automatically. If you have multiple currencies enabled in your network, you will also be able to select one from the dropdown list.

  • Note - Add some note if it's needed.

Next, you’ll see the 'Details' form, which also needs to be filled in:


  • Add/Generate - buttons for the billing generation.

  • Offer - Offer ID/Title.

  • Payout Type - Specify the payout type for the conversions made:

    • RPA - revenue per action

    • RPS - revenue per sale

    • RPA + RPS - revenue per action + revenue per sale

    • RPC - revenue per click

    • RPM - revenue per mille (1000 impressions)

  • Actions - Enter here the number of conversions.

  • Amount - Enter here the sum amount of conversions.

  • Note - Add some note if it's needed.

There are two ways of the billing generation:

  • Manually via the Add button. If you click it, you need to fill in all the fields described above manually according to needed numbers and data.

  • Auto generation via the Generate button. If you click it, the system fills in all the fields automatically based on Statistics. The system takes only conversion with Approved status.

Click on the 'Save' button to save a new invoice.

Control Panel

On the Billing for Advertiser page, you can make some actions with the invoices: Billing Edit, Billing Removal, Billing Export.

There are eight columns. Some of them are:

  • Number: the ID of the billing, which you can find in the User activity log.

  • Amount: the sum of money.

  • Created at: the date of invoice creation.

  • Start date: the date of the last invoice or the first day of Statistics

  • End date: the date you've set up when creating the invoice.

Billing Edit

If you want to make changes to an invoice that already exists, open up an invoice, and you have the option to change all the fields.

❗ Only Unpaid invoices can be edited.

Billing Removal

If you want to delete the invoice, you can click on the dedicated button. Once this happens, you can generate future invoices that use Statistics from this time period.

Billing Export

If you want to export the invoice, click on the dedicated button and click on the 'PDF' button to proceed with the export:


1) How can I see logs related to the Billing for Advertisers?

In the User activity log, you can find information about actions done with invoices. Go to Users -> User activity log.

Here are all available types of requests for logs related to the Billing for Advertisers.


In the 'Object ID' field, you may type the invoice ID.

2) Does the advertiser see his invoice in his Affise account, if there is any?

The advertiser can't see his invoice in his Affise account.

3) How can I manage Billings for Advertiser via API?

All available methods allow dealing with Billings for Advertiser:


You may get the list of all invoices, get any certain invoice, add and edit the invoice.

The usage of those methods correlates with permissions, so be attentive with permissions you have.

❗ If you're Account Manager, you are able to get the list of billings via API for only your advertiser even having Deny access.

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If you have more questions on Billing for Advertiser, feel free to contact Affise Support Team via [email protected] or your Dedicated Account Manager.

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