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The 'Tickets section' is intended for communication between Affiliate managers and their Affiliates. Affiliate can ask a question by submitting a ticket in the 'Affiliate' panel via the 'Support' section or when requesting access to the offer/Smartlink connection.

The 'Tickets' section overview

You can see all requests submitted as tickets in the 'Tickets' section:

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Tickets can be filtered by:

  • Ticket ID;

  • Ticket status - opened or closed.

    Opened - means the ticket is new and not closed by you;

    Closed - means the ticket is resolved and closed by you;

  • Question Type - types of the Affiliate's requests:

    General question, Financial question, Technical question, and Other requests;

  • Affiliate ID;

  • Affiliate Manager ID;

  • Pagination - a number of tickets per page.

Quick reply templates can be managed in the 'Tickets' section - > 'Templates' tab:

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In the 'Templates' tab, you can create and manage new quick replies.

Control panel

A ticket can be selected by clicking on a checkbox on the left and can be managed by one of 5 action buttons on the right corner of the ticket access panel page:

  • Add stands for new ticket creation;

  • Activate selected is used to approve offers/Smartlink connection requests specified in the tickets selected from the list;

  • Close selected let you close all the selected tickets automatically (no need to view them or to reply);

  • Reject selected is used to reject offers/Smartlink connection requests specified in the tickets selected from the list or disables affiliates from the offers in selected tickets if they were manually enabled in the Admin panel;

  • Remove selected it will remove all the selected tickets from the panel completely.

In case you want to reply to the ticket you need to click on the dedicated button:


It is possible to attach some files for the comment while answering it. Attachments must be in one of the following formats: .jpg, .png, .zip, .gif, maximum 5 files/5 MB each.

By clicking on 'Statistics' button you will be led to Daily slice of Statistics with the

already applied filter on this particular affiliate.

Ticket #470 _ Rocketcompany - Google Chrome 2022-02-08 at 1.58.35 PM

Tickets via API

It is possible to manage your tickets via API as well.

You can get the information about the certain ticket with the help of this method:

GET /3.0/admin/ticket/{id}


Get list of tickets for connection to offers with use of this method:

GET /3.0/admin/tickets


Approve or reject ticket for connect affiliate to offer:

POST /3.0/admin/ticket/{ID}/offer


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If you have more questions on Ticketing System, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via [email protected] or your Dedicated Account Manager.

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