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⚠️ The Click Automation feature is available only for certain plans. Contact your Affise account manager to get the feature.

What is Click Automation?

Click Automation is a tool to block affiliates or traffic sources if they reach N amount of clicks without a single conversion, or the number of conversions is deficient.



This section contains settings of automation by affiliate and sub-account 2 value. The following fields need to be filled to make the rule automate the campaign:


1) Advertiser - Advertiser is a required field. Choose the needed Advertiser (-s) Click Automation should work for.

2) Offer - Offer is not a required field and can be set optional. Choose the needed Offer (-s) the Automation should work for. Notice: if you have set the Advertiser (-s) earlier during the 1st step, you'll be able to choose only the offers that are run by Advertisers set. If no offer (-s) is chosen, the optimization will work for all the offers of this Advertiser(-s).

3) Filter - 'Filters' is a time range that needs to be set when the optimization process will take place. It's set for 1 Hour by default, but you can choose a longer period of time out of a drop-down menu based on your needs.

4) Schema - You can choose one of the three conditions out of a drop-down menu the automation should work under: by affiliate (-s), by affiliate(-s) and offer sub1 & by affiliate(-s) and offer sub2 per offer. Multiple affiliates can be chosen in the 'Affiliates' field.

5) Affiliates - You can choose Affiliates Click Automation will work for. If you do not choose any, Automation will work for all the affiliates of a chosen campaign. The field is required for schema 'by an affiliate and offer sub 1 / sub2'.

6) Block if - a condition under which Click Automation will decide on blocking a specific Affiliate or sub-account value.

a) clicks - an amount of clicks, a threshold that needs to be reached for Click Automation to start the Automation process.

b) conversions - the affiliate or sub1/sub2 value will be blocked if the number of received conversions is less than indicated in the rule or equal to it.

For example: if you have set a value of '3' conversions, Affiliate or sub1/sub2 value will not be blocked if Clicks Threshold will be reached or exceeds the amount set in the rule and conversion's amount will be more than '3' conversions (ex. 4 conversions).

7) Notify affiliate - Notify affiliate is not a required field, and notifications on blocking can be sent to the affiliate optional. The option is turned on by default.

How does it work?

Click Automation start working in 5 minutes after you've set up a rule. If you set up the rule at 5.30, it will start checking Stats at 5.35. The Automation tool will check the statistics for the last 1/3/6/12/24 hours under one of the conditions: Affiliate(-s) or Affiliate (-s) and offer sub1/sub2 value received via a tracking URL from the affiliate (-s)).

Once Clicks Threshold equals the number of clicks set in the rule or exceeds it, Conversions Threshold equals the number of conversions set or is lower than for a specific Offer and Affiliate, Click Automation will do the following:

1) Once schema "By Affiliate" is set, Affiliate(-s) with undesirable Clicks/Conversions ratio will be automatically disabled from the offer.

2) Once schema "By Affiliate and offer sub1" or "By Affiliate and offer sub2" is set, sub1/sub2 value which does not comply with desired Clicks/Conversions ratio will be blocked in the offer. This means that sub1/sub2 value will be blocked in two different ways depending on whether ‘Consider personal targeting only’ flag is ON/OFF:

If it is ON: sub1/sub2 value will be blocked only in those Personal targeting groups where the particular affiliate is presented.

If it is OFF: sub1/sub2 value will be blocked in all General targeting groups and Personal targeting groups where the particular affiliate is presented.

❗ Upon deciding on Affiliate's sub1/sub2 value blocking, Click Automation checks statistics for a specific Affiliate or a specific Affiliate and sub-account 2 value every 5 mins for the last 24 hours. Every 5 mins Click Automation checks whether a specific Affiliate or sub1/sub2 value has reached a desirable Clicks/Conversions Threshold.

Let's have a look at how it works for the offer at the following example:


The rule is set for Affiliate ID 6 and offer ID 4673 by schema 'By affiliate'.

If Affiliate ID 2 will get for the last 24 hours 1005 clicks and 4 conversions, Click Automation will disable Affiliate ID 6 from the offer 4673 because it has not reached a desirable Clicks/Conversions Indicator.

There are 4 scenarios related with sub value blocking regarding blacklist and whitelist in the offer:

  1. There is a sub value in the whitelist. Click Automation blocked it - it will disappear from the whitelist.

  2. There are no sub values in the whitelist. Click Automation blocked some value - it will appear in the 'Sub value' field and the tick 'Exclude' will be selected - the black list will be created.

  3. There is the blacklist with some values. Click Automation blocked some additional sub value - it will appear in the blacklist.

  4. There is the blacklist with some values. Click Automation blocked sub value, which is already in the blacklist - nothing will happen.

❗ Sub values support the following symbols only: (a-z A-Z), numbers (0-9) and these symbols: -,._{}+=/:~ . If the value contains some other symbol, it won't be blocked.

Change log

Use change log to see when a rule was added, updated, and deleted:

Or to find out more details on what was changed for a specific rule by clicking on Detailed -> Click to see.

Block log

Once an affiliate or sub1/sub2 value is blocked, you can check the blocked data in Block Log section:


In Block log you’ll find information on which affiliate(-s) or sub1/sub2 value were blocked for a specific offer and advertiser, a number of Conversions that have been registered, a number of clicks and conversions that are set in the rule and an action that has been taken by Click Automation.

You also can export data from Block log by clicking on the 'Excel' icon.

Checking in Statistics

You always can check which sub values are coming from Affiliates in Statistics -> Custom slice.

❗ If you want to check the number of clicks and conversions for a specific rule, mind the schema you've chosen in the rule:

1) Schema "By Affiliate": check clicks and conversions for the particular affiliate. Choose the particular affiliate in the filter. Tick the following flags: 'Day' or 'Day' + 'Hour', 'Clicks', 'Total conversions'.

2) Schema "By Affiliate and offer sub1/sub2": check the amount of clicks for the particular sub1/sub2 value. Choose the particular affiliate in the filter. Tick the following flags: 'Day' or 'Day' + 'Hour', 'Sub1' or 'Sub2', 'Clicks', 'Total conversions'. If you use this schema, the number of clicks and conversions is calculated per unique sub1/sub2 value.

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Should you have any further doubts or questions on Click Automation work, contact Affise Support Team via [email protected].

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